Read Your Way to the Top


No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” Confucius

How many books have you read since the beginning of the year?

Some of you might say ‘too many’; some may say ‘none’.

Reading is, as we all know, important. We were taught to first spell when we were young. Once we can spell, we can read.

Reading is a part of your everyday life. You read news, signs, advertisements, books – all the text that your eyes can see, you read. You read because you want to know. You read because you want to fill in the blanks in your mind, to find knowledge and the answers to questions you can’t ignore.

To read is to open your mind and your world. Some people know so many things about almost everything, not because they are a ‘know-it-all’ type, but because they read extensively.

Margaret Fuller, an important American journalist in the 19th century, once said “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” She was, and still is, right. Great people read a lot. And that’s one reason they become great and important. You develop your mind, thoughts and perspective towards the world when you read. The more you read, the better you understand the world, and most importantly, yourself. Once you fully understand who you really are, you can improve yourself. Only after that will you realise that the success you want is within your reach.

Reading also expands your knowledge and information. Reading is feeding food to the mind and soul. The more you read, the more you learn. And the more you learn, surprisingly, the more you hunger to know more. It is a never-ending learning process – it is ultimately a process of enlightenment.

While you read, your mind is encouraged to imagine. Imagination opens up your mind because it has no limitations. It is also a good source for new innovations and development.

Books help you communicate better. Communication is an important factor if you want to be a success.

If you don’t know what to read, start with something simple, something that you’re interested in. It doesn’t have to be something serious. Stick to something you like and it will last longer. Read something you don’t like and you won’t even finish the first chapter. You can even start with the news, which tend to be short and easily digested. Read one news article a day and you’ll read 365 articles a year. Read one book a month and you’ll read 12 books a year. Imagine how much you’ll learn from those 365 articles and 12 books.

If you don’t like to read, change your attitude. There is a wealth of knowledge out there for you to experience. Start now and become more of a reader.


In Service,

Rima & Bijoy


Compensation Plan and P&P Adjustments

Dear Valued IRs,

Please be informed that there will be some adjustments to the Compensation Plan taking effect from 5 January 2013 onwards. As the New Year approaches, we believe that these changes will help you make 2013 the time when your team can start faster and you can rise higher.

Start Faster With Early Payout Rules adjustment

A new IR who is Qualified and Activated must achieve the required first 1000BV on his/her Lower Volume Leg within first 4 weeks from the registration date to be eligible to receive the corresponding Early Payout.

Thereafter, the new IR who is Qualified and Activated must achieve the required second 1000BV on his/her Lower Volume Leg within first 6 weeks from the registration date to be eligible to receive the corresponding Early Pay Out.

The IR who is Qualified must be Activated by referring 2 Qualified Direct Referrals placed on each side of any of his/her Tracking Centers (TC), in order to be eligible for the Early Payout option. Self-Activation will not allow the IR to earn from the Early Payout option.

Click here to read the full clause 7.03 of the Policies and Procedures.

What does it mean for you? For an Upline and leader, getting your prospects to start faster will increase your chances of building a strong, dynamic and successful team. Remember that those who linger may not get far, so encourage your Downlines to start fast and earn their Early Payout!

Rise Higher with TC Qualification Adjustments

After having qualified TC-001, TC-002, and TC-003 with a minimum of 500 BV, you can acquire an additional TC, by achieving 1000 BV from your retail sales or personal purchase.

What does it mean for you? Your volume increases faster with every additional Tracking Center that your Downline acquires from his/her retail sales or personal purchase with 1000 BV.

Prepare to enter 2013 confidently with these new requirements for your business. Think how you can make the most of them!

Q Account monthly maintenance fee for inactive IRs

Please also be informed of the Policies and Procedures adjustment regarding the Q Account monthly maintenance fee for inactive IRs, which will come into effect on Monday, 31 December 2012.

What does ‘Inactive IR’ mean?

According to the new Policies and Procedures, “Inactive IR” means QNET Independent Representative who failed to renew his/her Representativeship for at least a period of twelve (12) months after the last Anniversary Date.

Effective 31 December, Q Accounts of inactive IRs will be charged monthly fee of USD 10. Please note that this change won’t affect active IRs.

Please refer to the full P&P Clause below.

4.01        Maintenance of Inactive IR
(a)          Once a non-renewed IR becomes an Inactive IR as defined in clause 2 above, QNet reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee to maintain the Inactive IR and the maintenance fee shall be advised by QNet through its’ Q Account system.
(b)          The maintenance fee will be charged regardless of the amount of balance or credit left in the Inactive IR’s Q Account until the said Q Account is zeroed.
(c)           The maintenance fees will be deducted from any balance standing in the relevant Inactive IR’s Q Account and will be shown in the relevant Inactive IR’s Q Account report/statement.
(d)          QNet reserves the right to amend the Inactive IR’s maintenance fees from time to time and at any time without prior notice to the IRs.
(e)          IRs will be advised about any imminent risk of any Inactive IR’s maintenance fees being charged in their Q Account report/statement so that they can take corrective action.

Please feel free to contact your GSC at if you have any questions.

In Service,

Attitude – Chief Pathman


As we are approaching the New Year, our family is getting bigger and stronger and on this special day – 12-12-12, its gives me great joy to welcome Mrs. Helen Mesquita who is a gem of a person and Arwins beloved mum. A very warm welcome to the group Aunty. So happy that you are a part of this awesome business. Now we have your support and blessings to finish the race faster. Lets Rock and Roll:)
In Service
Rima & Bijoy

DOs and DON’Ts in Public Speaking



Have you ever wondered why some people captivate all the attention when they stand on a stage or even among a crowd and speak out their thoughts?

Public speaking is surely not easy. If you have spoken in front of a crowd before, you know what might happen: your heart beats rapidly, you sweat all over, or even worse — you forget all the topics you prepared for.

Terrifying as it might sound, public speaking is actually not that scary. To be a good public speaker, here are some DOs and DON’Ts that you should know:


Prepare your speech.


No one masters a speech without any preparation. Prepare your topic and come up with an outline. Speeches and essays work the same way – they should be interesting, related and relevant.



A mirror is the best (and cheapest) way to observe your speech and your body language. Practise your speech in front of the mirror. Pay attention to your body language and your tone of voice. You will automatically know what you will have to improve once the words are said. If you do not like what you hear and see, it is very likely that no one else will either.



Once you take the podium, take a deep breath. Make eye contact to the audience and smile, then start talking. You are not obliged to grab the microphone and start speaking immediately after you step up on stage.

If you find yourself talking with a shaking voice, take another deep breath or two. That should do the trick in helping to calm you down.

Start your speech with a punch line.


Surprise your audience! A punch line is a good way to grab attention. Once their attention is directed at you, you can do whatever you want with them.

Say it like you mean it.


Be passionate about what you are talking about. You can even be a little emotional if you want to but not TOO emotional – no one wants to see a speaker crying! Convince the audience that this topic is really interesting by paying attention to the words you say. Your sincerity means everything.


Don’t read out your speech or learn your speech by heart.

Don’t read your speech out word for word. The audience wants to listen to interesting topics, not boring lectures. Don’t learn your speech by heart either, because when you are excited, it is VERY likely that you will forget what you want to say. The result? You will go back to the draft that you have and read it word for word.

The best way to remember a speech is to write down key words on a piece of paper or on note cards. You can even bring a short outline and consult it from time to time while giving the speech. But in order to successfully deliver a speech with these key words, you will need to take the time and prepare yourself well by practising.

Don’t apologise.

No need to apologise when you give a speech or tell the audience that you are nervous. They might not even notice that you are.

So now you are equipped with what is needed to be a good public speaker. Your public speaking skills will improve after you have given a couple of speeches, as you will learn a lot about what you should and should not do during the process. Do not be disappointed if your first speech is a disaster. Great public speakers have been there before, but they keep going!

Note: Arwin’s Dad (Mr. Andrew) and Bro-in-law (Ryan) has joined our wonderful business today. A warm welcome to them both form the Tycoons team. We wish them a wonderful journey and all our guidance and support along the way. 


In Service,

Rima & Bijoy

Celebrate This Joyful Time Of The Year With A Holiday Treat from QNET!



It’s less than a month to go before we say ‘Hello’ to 2013! Let’s make the most of this celebration season with a holiday treat from QNET:  an extension of best-selling products waiting for you in your eStore!

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In Service

Rima & Bijoy