INSIGHT: Why This Is The Best Time To Join QNET


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INSIGHT: Why This Is The Best Time To Join QNET

Reason 1: Fantastic Business Opportunity

We are all trying to figure out how to survive these tough economic crisis. And one thing is for certain, there are so few jobs to go around and too many people graduating from universities all over the world. Coupled with this is the fact that along with looking for income to survive on their own, almost all these graduates have hefty school loans that need to be paid. Jobs are not paying nearly enough salaries to their employees and the taxman is always on time to take away whatever little they may have earned.

The QNET opportunity is fantastic because it helps address all these problems. Most direct selling companies design their business around a concept of having you constantly make purchases for products that are designed to be used repetitively sometimes in order to even earn commissions. The money spent on these repeat purchases is clearly needed elsewhere, don’t you think? QNET’s answer to this problem is to provide two types of products;

1- Qualifying products that are purchased ONLY once. These products, if bought after you register to become an Independent Representative, allow you to take part in the business opportunity.

2-  Repeat purchase products that can be purchased one time as well or every one, two, three, six or twelve months.

Another reason tha that now is the right time to join QNET is the fact that Qnet provide their distributors EIGHT ways to earn commission. Just to put this in perspective for you, jobs only provide one avenue to earn an income, the salary. This salary is usually fixed and with the current economy as it is bonuses are few and far between. QNET, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to earn an income through it’s EIGHT avenues;

1- Retail Profit: When you refer a retail customer who purchases from your eStore, you receive the Retail Profit, which is the difference between your customer’s retail price and your discounted price as an IR.

2- Repeat Sales Points: From every sale of repeat products to retail customers or direct referrals, the direct referrer up to three (3) levels will earn the designated points which can be converted into either cash or Business Volume (BV).

3- Early Payout: The Early Payout applies only to your primary Tracking Centre 001, at Cycle 1, Step 1 and is paid according to a commission schedule.

4- First Purchase Profit: As a referrer, you will receive the First Purchase Profit from the qualifying retail sale or purchase made by your new personally sponsored IR.

5- Step Commissions: At the end of each commission period (week), QNET through its advanced and modern commission engine will search down your tree to determine group BV and the allowable commission amounts per tracking centre determined by your active rank.

6- Rank Advancement Bonus: As you grow and advance in rank, the amount paid per step increases, the number of weekly steps allowed increases and the maximized weekly payout can be achieved. You can be rewarded with up to US$ 60,300 in cash plus eVoucher Points each week!

7- Year-Round Rewards: These include special cash incentives, discounts on best seller products, exciting promotions and eVouchers for product redemption.

8- Travel Incentives: depending on the rank you rise up to, you can qualify for the VIP Tour at QNET’s corporate headquarters, including free airfare and hotel accommodations for top-level leadership training’s OR enjoy an all-expense-paid trip for two to an exciting destination announced annually OR enjoy an exclusive leadership celebration in elite settings that inspire and connect the leadership team.

And that’s not even the best part. The icing on the cake, is the fact that when you register to become an IR of QNET, you are provided TWO FREE Tracking Centres (TC), so in total you have three TC’s. Where as in other direct selling companies you are offered one tracking account that monitors all your purchases, QNET gives you the opportunity to not only earn from 1 TC but to earn from 3 TC’s from the get go.

QNET awards you, the IR, a “branch” with it’s own tree for every personal product purchase made. QNET provides you TWO FREE “branches” when you make your first purchase. This means you can buy a product with enough business volume (BV) points to activate only one “branch” OR all three branches at once which increases the potential to earn more money three fold. And as you know each “branch” can earn you commissions of unto US$ 20,100 EVERY WEEK! Even if you try to be “realistic” or have a “limited” view on what you could earn from QNET and you limit your self belief to earning only US$ 250, with three “branches” you can make up to US$ 750 EVERY WEEK.

Reason 2: Best Products in the market ….To be contn…




Why Qnet?


Good Morning Tycoons!


Today lets look at why we should be proud of Qnet.


8    Key parameters look for in a DS/NM Co.

1.        Longevity:

Stats show 90% of all start up Co’s fail in 1st 5 years. 90% of balance 10% also fail in next 5 years.

Qnet existence for 14 years ( since 1998 ), HQ – Prestigious Bank of China bldg, Hong Kong. makes it a stable, 10 + year old Co.

2.     Credibility:

2000 – Worked with Vatican to release Commemorative Coin for Pope John Paul II.

2001 – FAO/UN appointed Qnet as exclusive distributor for its gold coin program to create awareness against world hunger.

2003:  Sponsor for International Badminton Federation (IBF) held in UK.

2006:  Official distributor of FIFA World Cup Coin programme & sponsor for Brazilian team.

2007:  Qnet sponsors the Commonwealth Business Forum in Uganda

2008: Key sponsor for QI-Meritus team in GP2 Asia series.


          Qnet Singapore inducted into the prestigious DSAS.

          Official DS sponsor for Asian Football Conf ( AFC )

          Qnet Malaysia accepted as member of MDDA

          QI group gains membership of World Economic Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies


          Qnet sponsors Team QI-Meritus at GP2 Asia Racing series, Bahrain.

          QI group crosses US$ 1 billion sales by year end

          QI brings Global Business Leaders Forum 2010 to Malaysia.

          QI announces prestigious partnership with Sir Richard Branson – Marussia-Virgin Racing team.

          World famous Murlidharan becomes Qnet brand ambassador

          Qnet awarded the Caring Company recognition by Hong Kong council of Social Service, for THIRD year in a row.

          Qnet Chairperson Ms. Donna nominated for prestigious “ Best of the Best” Network Marketing Industry Award by MLMIA


          QNET races in the 2011 FIA Formula 1™ World Championships in its inaugural season as the official direct selling partner of Marussia Virgin Racing F1 team, and embarks on a worldwide tour with QNET’s F1 show car.

          The industry’s media crowns QNET with three esteemed awards: Obtainer Worldwide Direct Selling Awards’ Best Trainer and Best Team trophies, and the Networking Times Master Networker awardsFor the fourth year running, the company’s commitment to good corporate citizenship and proactive CSR initiatives earns QNET esteemed Caring Company recognition by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

3.     Has the Co. contributed to the society?

  1. Shankar Narayan founder of Akshaya Trust ……recipient of Rythm Awards for 2011.
  2.  3rd Handicapped Charitable Exhibition at the Dubai Mall, exclusive sponsorship by Qnet.
  3. World Vision International (WVI), helping 121 children across 11 countries over a two-year sponsorship programme, in the largest corporate charity initiative in WVI’s history;
  4. The United Nations World Food Programme;
  5. The Rainbow Project, a non-profit organisation that works with autistic children in Hong Kong;
  6. The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, a hospital for children with cancer in Egypt and Africa, that provides free cancer treatment and medical support;
  7. Regional Special Boarding School for Hearing Impaired Children in Taldykorgan, in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan;
  8. The Pan Din Hai Pen Dao (Turn the ‘Clay’ to the ‘Star’) Project, helping young children in Thailand become golf stars;
  9. Disaster relief for Typhoon Ondoy (Philippines) and the Padang Earthquake (Indonesia);
  10. Baan Pang Da School for disabled children; and
  11. The Home for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand.

 4.     Size & Growth

  1. Breached the US$ billion mark.
  2. Has 8+ Million customers worldwide in 100 + countries in just 13 years.
  3. Early adopter of e-commerce, QNet has emerged as a pioneer in online network marketing & direct selling.
  4. Now offers mobile friendly site and mobile applications fuelling Co’s philosophy of business anywhere, anytime with support everywhere
  5.     Excellent track record of growth & scale 

6.     Products:

  1. 1.      Wellness.                    
  2. 2.      Telecom services
  3. 3.      Vacations
  4. 4.      Watches & Jewellery
  5. 5.      E Learning
  6. 6.      Weight management
  7. 7.      Nutrition
  8. 8.      Personal care
  9. 9.      Home care

       Exclusivity, Quality, Fit with QNET Philosophy, Fulfillment of Market Need

 7.     Compensation Plan

  1. One of the most lucrative in the industry.
  2. Attractive 6% – 13% Retail margin PLUS 7% – 14% Referral Commission.


 8.     Training

    1. 1.   The V – global network support & training org with in-house V Studios


Best in class training tools –

2.      DVDs

3.      Books

4.      Events ( Vcon, NSS, World Tour )

5.      Product Trainings

6.      Magazines ( AspIRe, Voyager )

7. and Vtube

8.      Local systems

In Service


The Latest Business Trends


The Latest Business Trends

To start with, a review of the Direct Selling Industry as a whole shows that it has had consistent growth for more than 50 years with the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations now representing 58 countries around the globe and  more than 62 million independent direct selling distributors.

Not everyone will see the rise of network marketing as a main stream method of doing business, just like 50 years ago people dismissed the business concept of franchising. Not too long ago people use to laugh at franchises, just as some people shy away from network marketing. Congress almost outlawed franchises with a bill nearly making them illegal, falling short of passing by only 11 votes. Today this vehicle is responsible for over a third of retail sales in America. Of course franchising was not for everyone, but those people who were open and willing to consider new ideas and who had the courage to take action in a changing business environment profited handsomely.

Today people are willing to risk hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to open franchises, hoping to capitalise on a business trend that if they acted on decades ago would have rewarded them enormously. Network marketing in the new millennium has entered the main stream and may become more prolific and popular than that of franchises. Unlike franchising however you are only risking your time and effort and not your fortune or a mountain of debt. With network marketing you don’t need inventories and you do not need to create and manufacture the goods and services yourself, you are simply the “direct” in going direct.

Network marketing is not just becoming mainstream, it is starting to become the dominant market trend and one that cannot be stopped. The real question people should be asking is how can they benefit from it?


Network marketing is no longer something to joke about, it is creating more millionaires today than the dot com boom industry did before the bubble burst. As with any opportunity timing is half of the success and execution is the other half. You have no control over the former as the business trend will emerge without you. The jet is leaving the ramp, you can either be on it or miss out. The second half to capitalising on this trend is in the execution, by doing your homework and finding the right company, all you need then is commitment and the desire to learn from those who came before you.

“Unless you are networking, you will soon be not working”
Dr Denis Waitley

In Service



Dear Team ,
As we gear up for our Joint Vcell in Abu Dhabi on Friday 4th January 2013 , I would like to conclude our FAQ’s edition by discussing 2 final questions which we might have come across in our own minds , in our team member’s mind or in our prospects mind .
Many people in today’s society believe that money is a bad thing. This is for religious reasons, or simply because they see a few examples of multi-millionaires behaving dishonestly and ripping people off. They also see examples of those who embrace poverty and are regarded as great people. This is especially striking amongst religious leaders such as Jesus and Buddha, and also recent examples such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

So is money a bad thing? Of course not! Money in itself is neither bad nor good – it is simply a tool. What makes people think that money is bad is simply what people do with it. People think about drugs dealers and dictators and see money being used to fund violence and killing because these are big news items. They don’t tend to see the billions of dollars given by the richest people in the world to alleviate third world suffering, or the many regional grants offered by local government for building community centres and schools, or the refurbishment of some crumbling piece of our national heritage. What was the aim of Live Aid, Live 8, or Band Aid, or any of these huge charity events? To help those in the impoverished parts of this world. How did they plan to do that? By raising money!

To those people who claim that it is greedy to own more than one coat – just think if you owned ten, you could give nine away!

Money is not the bottom line in life. The most important things to most people are friendship, love, community, personal beliefs, relaxation and health. Now think about how much more time you could spend doing those exact things if you had the money to quit your job and retire. Or even if you could just give up working overtime.

Anyone quoting religious reasons for being poor should perhaps reconsider his or her motivation. People with money can do much more good than those without. Christians worried about the teachings about money in the Bible should re-read the story of the good Samaritan, and add up in today’s terms how much money he spent helping the man who had been attacked by thieves. Do you have that much in your wallet to spare right now?

Short answer – “Well you’d better get used to it, because that’s what happens in any job!”

Long answer – That’s fully understandable. We don’t appreciate working really hard and not being rewarded for our efforts, only to see some idle colleague being paid more than us. Neither do we like the fact that our boss works the same hours as us and gets paid twice as much. That’s why conventional jobs are sometimes so unfair – because people get paid unfairly. In a fair business, money should be paid out to employees exactly according to the work they have put in, so that someone who brings great value to the company always gets paid more than someone who has put in no effort whatsoever.

Now that’s in an ideal world. Of course, in the real world, businesses exist to survive and (hopefully) make money, so no company is going to pay you for working hard and getting no results. However, in network marketing, we get as close as possible to the ‘fair pay’ ideal. People get paid for the benefits they create. If they do no work they get no pay, and if they do lots of work, sell lots of products and sign in lots of new distributors, help those new distributors and encourage them, then rightfully they get paid more.

As for the complaint that people in your upline are making more money than you, well in most organisations this is not automatically true. It is entirely possible for someone above you in your organisation to earn far less than you. In a fair compensation scheme you are paid for the work that you have done, as explained above. You want to make sure that your compensation scheme rewards you for the work you have done more than it rewards your upline. Also, in a fair scheme, those people who do the most work should be rewarded the most.



Dear Team ,
Today we address 2 important questions which come to the minds of a few prospects and to the minds of a lot of networkers as well.
1)If it’s so good, why doesn’t everyone join?

People who say ‘no’ to networking do so for many reasons. For the majority, they don’t see how it could fit into their lives. They have perhaps lived a very long time in the same frame of mind, or the same job, and it has become a fixed pattern. For others, they honestly don’t see how they could find enough time in their hectic life. Plenty of people working 90 or 100+ hour weeks have built huge network marketing businesses in their spare time. It’s just a matter of priorities. Those who are truly busy appreciate more than others how to fit things into their schedule.

The majority of people who don’t join all have exactly the same reason. That is “I just don’t think that it will work for me.” Of course, they voice that in different ways! The job of a dedicated network marketer is to convince those people that it can work for them, and that the rewards are real and tangible. But in the end, many people will never join. But this is great – if the whole world joined then who would be the doctors, dentists, politicians, musicians, shop workers, police officers, accountants and teachers?!

Then there is the group that is so sure of themselves that they cannot possibly understand why anyone would want to join a NM organisation. Some of them even go out to stop those they know from doing the same. This is almost always borne of an ignorance of NM. There is usually a friend of a friend who tried and failed. Often these people cover their tracks by blaming it on the company or the businesss model – they don’t admit that they simply didn’t work hard enough. Sometimes they joined a poor company, and didn’t research it enough. It’s unfortunate, but these people will always exist. Everyone who has ever achieved anything difficult has faced those people telling them why they were sure to fail. Albert Einstein’s school maths teacher famously told him that he would never amount to anything!

a)There is the argument from evidence. Clearly, there is a false assumption in the question. If you look at the maths, NM should saturate within years, whereas the larger companies have been in existence for many decades.

b)Just logically – most people don’t want to do NM! Many people can’t see themselves in a sales-type scenario, or maybe they have poor self-confidence, or perhaps they’re already happily wealthy. Others can’t be bothered to put in the work that is required in NM to gain a decent income. They’ll be happy to buy the products, but don’t want to join as a distributor. Some of these people later change their minds when they see you succeeding. For some, their finances appear strong, and suddenly they are struck by a large setback and they decide they need to look for something else.

c)There are people being born every day. There are around a million people born every year in the UK alone, and the number of people involved in NM countrywide is far less than this. The pool of those looking for a business opportunity is constantly growing.

Finally, not everyone who joins a NM business will stay in – remember that lots of people decide that the business isn’t for them and they quit. This is especially common amongst people who have been mislead into thinking that NM is an easy way to make huge incomes without any effort. Anybody entering the business with that attitude will quickly discover that they are wrong, and will probably drop out. It is very unwise to encourage people to join a network marketing organisation by misleading them – apart from the illegality of it, you’re just going to get people annoyed, which is the last thing you need!



Dear Team ,

Today’s questions are related to our Family & Friends . Once we join the business they are the first ones we approach , often get a negative feedback & this sows seeds of doubt in our mind about the business & about the whole industry . So here we go lets hear the NETWORKER speak .

1)Will I lose my friends?

No. It’s a very rare question, but some people do worry about this point. They worry that their friends might laugh at them for doing something out of the ordinary. They worry that their friends might deliberately try to sabotage their business or to spread misinformation about them. They worry that their friends might consider that they are doing something immoral and try to deride them or insult them because of this.

When I started in NM, some of my friends supported me.

However, I did have people insult me, and try to sabotage my business. Though it shocked me at the time, I’m glad it happened. Why am I glad? Because I now know who my real friends are. Nobody who treats you like that is a friend of yours, and you are better off if you don’t mix with them – they’re probably holding you back in other areas as well.

My real friends have stuck with me, encouraged me and eventually respected my decision. Sure, some of them thought I was mad, very few of them have joined my organisation and some tried to tell me that I shouldn’t bother, but none of them personally attacked me or tried to make me fail. Anyone who does that to you is an enemy, not a friend.

In practice, the overwhelming majority of the people I spoke to about NM were grateful that I had thought of them, and found it very interesting. That doesn’t mean that they all joined, but they all accepted that as their personal choice and encourage me toward success.

2) Isn’t this exploiting my friends and relatives?

Lot of people worry about this , despite the fact that they never considered it themselves when they were introduced to the business.

When I was introduced to NM, I was grateful for the opportunity to examine the business, and I never once thought that I was being exploited. After all, I was offered exactly the same opportunity as my friend, and it was my choice whether to enter into the business or not.

If I did all the work and they did none then I would still get a substantially larger income from my business than they would. In most network marketing organisations, those who do nothing are not elligible for an income just for referring somebody else who works hard. Besides – if there were no upline above me and I was the first person ever to join the organisation, the compensation scheme presented to me would have been exactly the same. The actions of those above me in the organisation were not affecting me, except in a positive way through their encouragement and commitment.

Many people have managed to work themselves out of debt using network marketing as a vehicle. Some of these people now live wealthy lives because somebody had the decency to think of them and introduce them to a business that they sincerely believed would help. I wonder if the many NM millionaires complain about being exploited? If somebody introduces me to a business opportunity that allows me potentially to make large amounts of residual income, then I have no problem whatsoever with someone else paying them for doing so!

Let’s suggest that you offer to sell your best friend a car. You work for a car dealership, so you arrange to put in a lot of effort selecting the right car for them, showing them brochures, filling in all the details and optional extras. Finally you arrange them a discount price on a special car range that is normally only reserved for the salespeople themselves. In return, your employer pays you some cash as a reward for making a sale. If your friend then told you that they resented you making money out of them, what would you say?

Let’s say that you worked in a rich city firm which was looking to hire some good people. You suggest one of your close friends might be suitable, and (s)he applies and gets the job. That friend then works really hard, quickly rises through the ranks and enjoys a substantial salary together with all the best bonuses. As a reward for finding somebody good, your boss pays you a nice bonus too – (s)he wants to encourage other workers to do the same and recommend such good potential employees. Now, five years later, your friend has in fact risen above you in the company and is vice president. The company is so glad that it gives you a brand new Porsche. Your friend has a great job and a large salary because you had the foresight to think of them and to put them forward for the job. The company is doing well because your friend has made them lots of money. So, who is losing out? Is this bad for anyone? Of course it isn’t! If only real businesses worked like that!

HOWEVER, you should never force friends and relatives into buying your product or joining your organisation with emotional blackmail – that would be immoral. Maybe they just don’t want the product or the business opportunity. Maybe they just don’t understand what it is you’re offering them. Maybe you sell top quality products and they’re on an economy drive. Maybe they just don’t like the smell, look, taste, feel or even the name of your product! You have to accept their opinion and stop pestering them – all you’ll do is irritate a good friend for no reason

In Service,


Dear Team ,
A very Happy New Year 2013 to all of you , as all of us had their share of ups & downs in 2012 , let us all empty our cups & move forward with a new zeal for life , to make things BIGGER & BETTER for all of us & our families & loved ones .
Lots of people don’t work on their network marketing businesses in a serious way because they’ve not paid serious money to set it up. They have no boss forcing them to work, and no great investment at stake, so there is very little encouragement to do anything at all.

Most network marketing organisations suggest that a successful networker should be putting a minimum of 5-10 hours into their business per week. Of course, there are no quotas or targets to meet, so you can do nothing whatsoever if you want. Some people quickly go full time in network marketing and put several hours each day in to their businesses. Others just put in an hour or two here and there. Both will get a decent income from their business, but the first type will get there much faster! In the average network marketing company, fewer than 20% of business owners are actually doing any significant level of work. In some cases this is closer to 5%. Lots of people unfortunately join without realising the committment required, and consequently end up very demoralised. Do not be fooled into thinking that a million dollars is easy to obtain!

Finally, consider how much time you are working on your conventional day job (if you have one). How long do you expect to work at this job before you can retire? And on what salary? Do you need thousands of dollars per month extra, or just a few hundred?

Yes, every time you watch a TV commercial, read the news paper or speak to any of your opinionated friends. Your opinions on pretty much everything are the result of brainwashing, some of which is accurate and some is not. The point is that network marketing does not need to rely on such methods to be successful – either it makes sense to you or it doesn’t. Lots of people are worried because they find network marketing extremely exciting, but their friends don’t seem to agree. They have perhaps heard stories of unscrupulous conmen and wonder if they are being conned too. At some point, you have to stand back and look at the situation with logical eyes – just ask yourself who is most qualified to make a valid decision. If you ask negative people why they dislike NM, 9 times out of 10 they will return with an incorrect or illogical reason. I soon realised that their opinion was probably based on brainwashing, not mine.