Dear Team ,
Today I am going to start a series of Questions faced by people ( Networkers / Prospects ).
I will attempt to answer the questions in detail & will take 2 new questions a day .
Many worry about this question. It as a huge problem many people have in the beginning of their time as a network marketer: If you aren’t convinced about this question, then how could you realistically share such an opportunity with your friends and family? I suggest you set aside emotions and think logically, then you will be able to make an informed decision. I believe that Network marketing is highly ethical, though there are sadly many people within the industry who act in an unethical way.
Conventional business is very much a tiered system. The chairman or president at the head of a company makes a lot of money, and those beneath him (or her) make proportionately less depending on their level of expertise and responsibility. This seems superficially like NM, except that there are several very important differences:-

Issue Conventional Business Network Marketing
Leadership positions Limited. Usually one or two CEOs, presidents etc. Many at lower levels unable to promote until somebody above them leaves. Unlimited. Anyone can progress to any level regardless of when they started or under whom.
Promotion Limited availability. Decided by candidate’s boss or supervisor. Unlimited. Decided by each individual and dependent only on the value they bring to the organisation, i.e. purely on merit.
Support Superiors don’t want their employees rising up the ranks and taking their jobs! It is in the upline’s interest to help and support their downline as much as possible, even if that means helping them to reach higher levels than themselves.
Advertising Advertising designed to be as manipulative as possible, e.g. appealing to sexual instincts or desire for personal acceptance. Most NM companies do not advertise. Products are sold based on recommendations, demonstrations or just low prices.
Rewards Most sales posts offer one-off commissions. Often very little personal recognition or encouragement. Commissions based on the ongoing sales volume of your downline group. Lots of personal recognitions and encouragement from the entire team.
Starting Position Generally dependent on education levels and occasionally on favouritism. Often linked to family background, with rich families able to send their children to prestigious schools. Everyone starts at exactly the same level regardless of initial wealth, background or education.

You may or may not agree with the above. However, overall you should be able to see that Network Marketing is a highly ethical business. Some people have registered with NM opportunities and behaved in a non-ethical manner, but this is not at all a criticism of the industry – just on those particular individuals. Plenty of people abuse their privileges in jobs. We don’t boycott the entire medical profession because of the occasional rare example where a doctor has abused their position for personal gain. We don’t call for a ban on baseball bats because they are occasionally used by thugs! A business should be judged on its own merits, not on the qualities of some of its ambassadors.

This is a misleading question. If you do absolutely nothing, then your chances of success are precisely zero! However, if you work hard then you will almost certainly succeed, at least to some degree. I say almost certainly, because nothing is guaranteed in this world. Also, working hard isn’t worth a penny if you’re working at the wrong thing! Learning how to become an effective networker is a valuable skill, and takes more time for some than others. I’ve met people who were born ready for this sort of opportunity, but I’ve also met people who are completely unable to relate to other human beings and end up offending everyone they speak to. The latter are not going to make a success of this business model unless they learn how to improve their interpersonal skills.

Network marketing is not a question of luck. There is a certain fraction of the population of your country looking for a business like this. You just have to find them. Of course some people meet with earlier success because they happen to find more keen people early on, but everything evens out eventually. The difference between a successful networker and an unsuccessful network marketer is nothing to do with luck. There are skills to learn in overcoming objections, and a good networker knows the importance of following a simple, powerful system. There is always, as in any area of life, a huge benefit towards developing courage and persistence.

Another vital thing that a successful network marketer will learn is that the only way to get more ‘yes’ results is to get more ‘no’ results. You could focus all your time on half a dozen people and maybe increase your chances of success slightly. Alternatively you could ask a hundred people. Even if your chances of success are small, you will still get far more ‘yes’ results in total – it’s a numbers game! If you ever meet someone who failed at network marketing, just ask them how many people they shared their business with, how much time they spent developing it and how closely they followed an established system. Compare their answers to those of a successful network marketer and you will likely find a substantial difference.


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