Dear Team ,
A very Happy New Year 2013 to all of you , as all of us had their share of ups & downs in 2012 , let us all empty our cups & move forward with a new zeal for life , to make things BIGGER & BETTER for all of us & our families & loved ones .
Lots of people don’t work on their network marketing businesses in a serious way because they’ve not paid serious money to set it up. They have no boss forcing them to work, and no great investment at stake, so there is very little encouragement to do anything at all.

Most network marketing organisations suggest that a successful networker should be putting a minimum of 5-10 hours into their business per week. Of course, there are no quotas or targets to meet, so you can do nothing whatsoever if you want. Some people quickly go full time in network marketing and put several hours each day in to their businesses. Others just put in an hour or two here and there. Both will get a decent income from their business, but the first type will get there much faster! In the average network marketing company, fewer than 20% of business owners are actually doing any significant level of work. In some cases this is closer to 5%. Lots of people unfortunately join without realising the committment required, and consequently end up very demoralised. Do not be fooled into thinking that a million dollars is easy to obtain!

Finally, consider how much time you are working on your conventional day job (if you have one). How long do you expect to work at this job before you can retire? And on what salary? Do you need thousands of dollars per month extra, or just a few hundred?

Yes, every time you watch a TV commercial, read the news paper or speak to any of your opinionated friends. Your opinions on pretty much everything are the result of brainwashing, some of which is accurate and some is not. The point is that network marketing does not need to rely on such methods to be successful – either it makes sense to you or it doesn’t. Lots of people are worried because they find network marketing extremely exciting, but their friends don’t seem to agree. They have perhaps heard stories of unscrupulous conmen and wonder if they are being conned too. At some point, you have to stand back and look at the situation with logical eyes – just ask yourself who is most qualified to make a valid decision. If you ask negative people why they dislike NM, 9 times out of 10 they will return with an incorrect or illogical reason. I soon realised that their opinion was probably based on brainwashing, not mine.


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