Dear Team ,
Today we address 2 important questions which come to the minds of a few prospects and to the minds of a lot of networkers as well.
1)If it’s so good, why doesn’t everyone join?

People who say ‘no’ to networking do so for many reasons. For the majority, they don’t see how it could fit into their lives. They have perhaps lived a very long time in the same frame of mind, or the same job, and it has become a fixed pattern. For others, they honestly don’t see how they could find enough time in their hectic life. Plenty of people working 90 or 100+ hour weeks have built huge network marketing businesses in their spare time. It’s just a matter of priorities. Those who are truly busy appreciate more than others how to fit things into their schedule.

The majority of people who don’t join all have exactly the same reason. That is “I just don’t think that it will work for me.” Of course, they voice that in different ways! The job of a dedicated network marketer is to convince those people that it can work for them, and that the rewards are real and tangible. But in the end, many people will never join. But this is great – if the whole world joined then who would be the doctors, dentists, politicians, musicians, shop workers, police officers, accountants and teachers?!

Then there is the group that is so sure of themselves that they cannot possibly understand why anyone would want to join a NM organisation. Some of them even go out to stop those they know from doing the same. This is almost always borne of an ignorance of NM. There is usually a friend of a friend who tried and failed. Often these people cover their tracks by blaming it on the company or the businesss model – they don’t admit that they simply didn’t work hard enough. Sometimes they joined a poor company, and didn’t research it enough. It’s unfortunate, but these people will always exist. Everyone who has ever achieved anything difficult has faced those people telling them why they were sure to fail. Albert Einstein’s school maths teacher famously told him that he would never amount to anything!

a)There is the argument from evidence. Clearly, there is a false assumption in the question. If you look at the maths, NM should saturate within years, whereas the larger companies have been in existence for many decades.

b)Just logically – most people don’t want to do NM! Many people can’t see themselves in a sales-type scenario, or maybe they have poor self-confidence, or perhaps they’re already happily wealthy. Others can’t be bothered to put in the work that is required in NM to gain a decent income. They’ll be happy to buy the products, but don’t want to join as a distributor. Some of these people later change their minds when they see you succeeding. For some, their finances appear strong, and suddenly they are struck by a large setback and they decide they need to look for something else.

c)There are people being born every day. There are around a million people born every year in the UK alone, and the number of people involved in NM countrywide is far less than this. The pool of those looking for a business opportunity is constantly growing.

Finally, not everyone who joins a NM business will stay in – remember that lots of people decide that the business isn’t for them and they quit. This is especially common amongst people who have been mislead into thinking that NM is an easy way to make huge incomes without any effort. Anybody entering the business with that attitude will quickly discover that they are wrong, and will probably drop out. It is very unwise to encourage people to join a network marketing organisation by misleading them – apart from the illegality of it, you’re just going to get people annoyed, which is the last thing you need!

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