Dear Team ,
As we gear up for our Joint Vcell in Abu Dhabi on Friday 4th January 2013 , I would like to conclude our FAQ’s edition by discussing 2 final questions which we might have come across in our own minds , in our team member’s mind or in our prospects mind .
Many people in today’s society believe that money is a bad thing. This is for religious reasons, or simply because they see a few examples of multi-millionaires behaving dishonestly and ripping people off. They also see examples of those who embrace poverty and are regarded as great people. This is especially striking amongst religious leaders such as Jesus and Buddha, and also recent examples such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

So is money a bad thing? Of course not! Money in itself is neither bad nor good – it is simply a tool. What makes people think that money is bad is simply what people do with it. People think about drugs dealers and dictators and see money being used to fund violence and killing because these are big news items. They don’t tend to see the billions of dollars given by the richest people in the world to alleviate third world suffering, or the many regional grants offered by local government for building community centres and schools, or the refurbishment of some crumbling piece of our national heritage. What was the aim of Live Aid, Live 8, or Band Aid, or any of these huge charity events? To help those in the impoverished parts of this world. How did they plan to do that? By raising money!

To those people who claim that it is greedy to own more than one coat – just think if you owned ten, you could give nine away!

Money is not the bottom line in life. The most important things to most people are friendship, love, community, personal beliefs, relaxation and health. Now think about how much more time you could spend doing those exact things if you had the money to quit your job and retire. Or even if you could just give up working overtime.

Anyone quoting religious reasons for being poor should perhaps reconsider his or her motivation. People with money can do much more good than those without. Christians worried about the teachings about money in the Bible should re-read the story of the good Samaritan, and add up in today’s terms how much money he spent helping the man who had been attacked by thieves. Do you have that much in your wallet to spare right now?

Short answer – “Well you’d better get used to it, because that’s what happens in any job!”

Long answer – That’s fully understandable. We don’t appreciate working really hard and not being rewarded for our efforts, only to see some idle colleague being paid more than us. Neither do we like the fact that our boss works the same hours as us and gets paid twice as much. That’s why conventional jobs are sometimes so unfair – because people get paid unfairly. In a fair business, money should be paid out to employees exactly according to the work they have put in, so that someone who brings great value to the company always gets paid more than someone who has put in no effort whatsoever.

Now that’s in an ideal world. Of course, in the real world, businesses exist to survive and (hopefully) make money, so no company is going to pay you for working hard and getting no results. However, in network marketing, we get as close as possible to the ‘fair pay’ ideal. People get paid for the benefits they create. If they do no work they get no pay, and if they do lots of work, sell lots of products and sign in lots of new distributors, help those new distributors and encourage them, then rightfully they get paid more.

As for the complaint that people in your upline are making more money than you, well in most organisations this is not automatically true. It is entirely possible for someone above you in your organisation to earn far less than you. In a fair compensation scheme you are paid for the work that you have done, as explained above. You want to make sure that your compensation scheme rewards you for the work you have done more than it rewards your upline. Also, in a fair scheme, those people who do the most work should be rewarded the most.


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