Dear Team ,

Today’s questions are related to our Family & Friends . Once we join the business they are the first ones we approach , often get a negative feedback & this sows seeds of doubt in our mind about the business & about the whole industry . So here we go lets hear the NETWORKER speak .

1)Will I lose my friends?

No. It’s a very rare question, but some people do worry about this point. They worry that their friends might laugh at them for doing something out of the ordinary. They worry that their friends might deliberately try to sabotage their business or to spread misinformation about them. They worry that their friends might consider that they are doing something immoral and try to deride them or insult them because of this.

When I started in NM, some of my friends supported me.

However, I did have people insult me, and try to sabotage my business. Though it shocked me at the time, I’m glad it happened. Why am I glad? Because I now know who my real friends are. Nobody who treats you like that is a friend of yours, and you are better off if you don’t mix with them – they’re probably holding you back in other areas as well.

My real friends have stuck with me, encouraged me and eventually respected my decision. Sure, some of them thought I was mad, very few of them have joined my organisation and some tried to tell me that I shouldn’t bother, but none of them personally attacked me or tried to make me fail. Anyone who does that to you is an enemy, not a friend.

In practice, the overwhelming majority of the people I spoke to about NM were grateful that I had thought of them, and found it very interesting. That doesn’t mean that they all joined, but they all accepted that as their personal choice and encourage me toward success.

2) Isn’t this exploiting my friends and relatives?

Lot of people worry about this , despite the fact that they never considered it themselves when they were introduced to the business.

When I was introduced to NM, I was grateful for the opportunity to examine the business, and I never once thought that I was being exploited. After all, I was offered exactly the same opportunity as my friend, and it was my choice whether to enter into the business or not.

If I did all the work and they did none then I would still get a substantially larger income from my business than they would. In most network marketing organisations, those who do nothing are not elligible for an income just for referring somebody else who works hard. Besides – if there were no upline above me and I was the first person ever to join the organisation, the compensation scheme presented to me would have been exactly the same. The actions of those above me in the organisation were not affecting me, except in a positive way through their encouragement and commitment.

Many people have managed to work themselves out of debt using network marketing as a vehicle. Some of these people now live wealthy lives because somebody had the decency to think of them and introduce them to a business that they sincerely believed would help. I wonder if the many NM millionaires complain about being exploited? If somebody introduces me to a business opportunity that allows me potentially to make large amounts of residual income, then I have no problem whatsoever with someone else paying them for doing so!

Let’s suggest that you offer to sell your best friend a car. You work for a car dealership, so you arrange to put in a lot of effort selecting the right car for them, showing them brochures, filling in all the details and optional extras. Finally you arrange them a discount price on a special car range that is normally only reserved for the salespeople themselves. In return, your employer pays you some cash as a reward for making a sale. If your friend then told you that they resented you making money out of them, what would you say?

Let’s say that you worked in a rich city firm which was looking to hire some good people. You suggest one of your close friends might be suitable, and (s)he applies and gets the job. That friend then works really hard, quickly rises through the ranks and enjoys a substantial salary together with all the best bonuses. As a reward for finding somebody good, your boss pays you a nice bonus too – (s)he wants to encourage other workers to do the same and recommend such good potential employees. Now, five years later, your friend has in fact risen above you in the company and is vice president. The company is so glad that it gives you a brand new Porsche. Your friend has a great job and a large salary because you had the foresight to think of them and to put them forward for the job. The company is doing well because your friend has made them lots of money. So, who is losing out? Is this bad for anyone? Of course it isn’t! If only real businesses worked like that!

HOWEVER, you should never force friends and relatives into buying your product or joining your organisation with emotional blackmail – that would be immoral. Maybe they just don’t want the product or the business opportunity. Maybe they just don’t understand what it is you’re offering them. Maybe you sell top quality products and they’re on an economy drive. Maybe they just don’t like the smell, look, taste, feel or even the name of your product! You have to accept their opinion and stop pestering them – all you’ll do is irritate a good friend for no reason

In Service,


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