Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone TODAY




You just landed a high or average paying job, the salary isn’t so bad. You move out of your parent’s house and begin renting an apartment. You now have a TV and all the goodies you ever wanted. Then comes the car and soon the wife/husband. A kid or two follow and with that you start planning for school fees and allowances. You soon realise that your job isn’t paying well enough to cater to your every want and need. Life begins to drag as you leave home, go to work and pray that the salary comes in time so you can pay all the bills, stock up on food and hopefully have enough money left to save for the future.

Question: Are you in this category?

Sadly 80% of all people find themselves in this scenario sometime later in life. Of those, 20% actually do something about it and start up a small business of their own and of these 20%, 10% of the businesses fail. It’s a grim reality that awaits us all and only the smartest survive to tell the tale.

Question: What is the comfort zone and how do you tell if you are in it?

You know that you’re in the comfort zone when you find yourself in the above situation and you keep telling yourself and sometimes others around you that “money is scarce”! You know this to be true but you fail to do anything about it. Instead you head back to your job and continue our daily routine hoping that a raise will sort all your problems.

Question: How do you get out of the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is very seductive. It takes a lot of will power to get out of its grasp. First and foremost, you must make a conscious decision to change and open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities. Starting a business is the best option available. Your goal now is to have your business provide you with income, most probably passive income. Passive income, as you may well know, is money you get automatically from your business even if you take a holiday from work. Basically the business can run in your absence.

Starting a business, whether big or small, may sound easy at first but it isn’t. Business requires capital to start up and run. Even if you have a well paying job, after paying bills, taxes and welfare, the money that remains is not enough.

So what options do you have to gain capital?

First, you could ask family and friends, but this is not advisable. If your business fails, you could be shunned out of your family and your friends may lose faith in you. If you succeed, they could become clingy. Are you ready to risk your family and friend relations?

Second, you could ask your bank for a loan. This too has some risk. Also, to get a loan, you need to satisfy some conditions before the bank even considers you viable for that loan. If your business fails before you pay off the loan, you could be in a world of trouble.

Third, you could tap into your savings. Question: How much money have you saved lately? My guess is not enough to start up and meet the operational costs of any business. My advice to you is not to tamper with your savings. It could help you in emergencies.

There are other options out there but these are the common three, each with their own amount of unnecessary risk. As a working person, in the current economy, you have no choice but to open your mind to new opportunities of earning an extra income.

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone?

I know of this comfort zone because i was in it for a very long time. It was only when i realised it’s negative effects on my life that i decided to do something about it and get control of my life. QNET has played a big role in helping me get out of my comfort zone and i believe STRONGLY that it can help you too. If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, ACT NOW.



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