In our last installment of the color of people, I went over the type of people that there are in the world and briefly described each one. In this installment, am going to discuss just what kind of people you will want in your organization. Believe it or not, you don’t want just one kind. After reading this, you’ll see why.

Let’s start with the reds who are motivated by money. Sure, you could get them into your organization if you can convince them that they can make a ton of money, but once they see that most people don’t want to work very hard, they will be the first to leave. If they don’t see that return quickly, they’ll be gone. That’s all there is to it.

Now, if you were to give the reds a bunch of blues under him that would only speed up the process. But, if you give the reds a bunch of yellows, who are hard working and will take the time to work with others, you might see the reds stick around a little longer, though don’t expect any of them to stay around forever.

Even though it would appear that the reds are the ones you want in your business, the truth is, they are the last people you want. They have the biggest egos and are used to bossing people around. That works in “corporate America”, but it doesn’t work with network marketing.

The people you want to get into your organization are the yellows and the greens. The yellows are the hardest and most loyal workers and the greens are the smartest and will come up with the best ideas for promotion. Now, unfortunately, yellows and greens, even if pure forms existed, only make up 70% of the population. And since there is really no way of knowing which person is going to come into your organization unless you did some extensive study of the person, that means that 30% of your people will end up leaving your organization quickly.

With the blues, it won’t matter because they won’t do much anyway even if they do stick around. Remember, they’re the party people. So you want yellows and greens and you want to work with these people. If you should find you have a red or a blue, don’t spend your time with either of them. For one thing, you can’t tell the red anything because he has all the answers and the blue just doesn’t care enough. So trying to get them motivated to do any work and stick around is a waste of time. Spend your time with the yellows and the green, especially the yellows. They are ultimately going to be the backbone of your organization.

choose-the-right-colors Okay, how can you tell the yellows? Actually, it’s not too hard. The yellows are going to be the ones who email you to tell you how hard they are going to work. Their emails are going to sound so sincere and from the heart. That’s how you know you have a yellow. As for the greens, they are the ones who are going to tell you about all their degrees and how they know web design and this and that and how they have no doubt they can make this work. They’ll ask you a zillion questions about every aspect of the business. Answer them! If you learn to deal with the organization you’re given, you’ll be able to make the most of your organization and build it up to one that you can take pride in. So look at the people around you, see their colours, trust me you will be surprised by what you find out


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