Closing the deal:– Learn how to close your network marketing prospects


Closing the deal Learn how to close your network marketing prospects

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Closing the deal is one of the most satisfying achievements in any business, particularly network marketing and therefore learning to improve your closure technique is a good investment.

Important Note: This closing the deal page is one of the final steps towards developing your prospecting technique. If you havent already reviewed the preceding network marketing prospecting pages we suggest you do so now, such that it all makes sense. If you have read the rest of this chapter, great, its time to get excited as we discuss the follow up.

A simple two step approach to winning the follow up and successfully closing the deal

To try and simplify the closing the deal process we have created a simple 2 step process that you should consider when contacting youre prospects to discuss their response to the initial information you provided them.

  1. Continue to develop the relationship, and
  2. The sales pitch

Closing the deal step #1 – Developing the relationship

Firstly, when ever meeting or phoning your prospect to conduct the follow up it is important that you continue to build rapport with that person, as you dont want to give the impression that you are just trying to sell them something. A good way to do this is to ask them questions about things you have learnt about them during the relationship building stage of the prospecting process. For example, if you learnt that they were going to see a football game, ask them about the game; if one of their kids (best if you can remember their name) had a star role in the school play, ask them about the play etc.

This relationship building phase is a very important step towards closing the deal as your prospect will always be more receptive towards you if you have taken an active interest in them. People love to talk about themselves, so if you can show that you listened and were interested in what they were saying in your previous encounters, you have gone a long way towards creating a winning relationship. This step also develops an aspect of trust from your prospect that would enable them, if they so choose to join your business, to feel comfortable in coming to you for advice.

The next step to successfully closing the deal is to approach the sale. At this point of the conversation it is important that you communicate your intentions. After you have had a brief relationship building conversation, it is important that you change the focus so you can discuss your objective, the business. You can go on to initiate this conversation by saying:

….the reason Im calling you is to ask if you had a chance to review the information I gave you?

If the answer is no, you shouldnt be disappointed, but there is a fair chance your prospect isnt interested in what you have to offer. If they were not bothered to review the information in the time you gave them, there is a good chance they are not really interested in fixing their problems, so this is just another way of pre-qualifying your prospects. Additionally this question will help to determine how motivated they are. In our experience the best networkers are the ones that take a pro-active approach and are motivated right from the start.

A good tip to remember is that if you are not actively involved in solving your problems, there is a fair chance that the problem will never go away. Therefore unless your prospect offers a legitimate excuse, you are probably best to cross them off your list and explain to them that your opportunity only works for people who are self motivated and actively working towards achieving their dreams and that maybe in the future the opportunity might come at a better time. Having said this it is important that you remain friendly with your prospects at all times, even if your prospect has indicated that they arent interested in your offer.

If their response is yes they have reviewed your material, great your now ready to make the sale.

Closing the deal step #2 – What to say when your prospect has reviewed your business information

The key concept behind a successful follow up and you closing the deal is to get your prospect thinking about the positive aspects of your business opportunity. It is important to distinguish that by positive aspects we mean those as they are perceived by your prospect, which are not necessarily the same positive aspects that you see.

Additional to this, one of the biggest tips we can give you is that the person asking the questions is the person in control of the conversation. Learning to ask the right questions can go a long way towards closing the deal and is an important skill to master in the prospecting process. By the right questions we mean those that will return a favorable response. When you put these 2 important concepts together you have a powerful formula for success. That is, by asking the right positively geared questions, you are both in control of the conversation and to some extent their response. Using this technique will assist you closing the deal as your prospects will essentially sell themselves.

by asking the right positively geared questions you are both in control of the conversation and to some extent their response

For example if you were to ask:

What did you think about….?

This allows your prospect to discuss both the pros and cons and more often than not they will go on the defensive straight away. Therefore a better question to ask would be:

What did you like about …..?

This now limits your prospect to focus on the positives. The more positive your prospect is towards the information you offered them, the greater the chance of making a sale. This is a skill used and taught by the most successful salespeople in the world.

If they do respond on the negative and try to dismiss your offer straight away, try to regain control by re-asking the question?

Ok, but was there anything you did like about what you saw?

If they respond negatively again, accept that they are genuinely not interested and concede that with such a negative and narrow minded attitude you wouldnt want to be working with them anyway. Remember — professionals sort, amateurs convince — this is just another step in the qualifying process. Thank them for their honesty then change the conversation to finish on a positive note.

In a typical response to this question, most of your prospects will highlight the positive aspects of your business opportunity. Take note as these factors will become critical in your final sales pitch when closing the deal. Remember you want them to continue to focus on the positive, so try to get your prospect to elaborate on these positive aspects as much as possible. For example if they respond by saying they like the products, your goal is then to get them to go into more detail as to why they like the products. This deepens the pre-selling process as essentially they are convincing themselves as to why they should look into this further.

Once they have started to concede that there are a number of positive aspects to your opportunity, your next goal is to marry your solution with their goals.

Do you see how (what they like about the business) could help you to (achieve their hot button)?

If they are going to have objections about your offer this is where they will normally come up. Remember – to be in control of the conversation you need to be the person asking the questions. If they dont have any objections, and they continue to speak positively about your opportunity great, skip ahead and go straight into your final sales pitch.

Closing the deal – Objections

If your prospect gives an objection then you need to regain control of the conversation and get your prospect to reiterate their hot buttons. I understand what youre saying and I know how important it is that you pay your childrens tuition (or what ever your prospect hot buttons are). But imagine if a home business (or your opportunity) could help you to secure your childrens education (or what ever your prospect hot buttons are), how would this make you feel?

Straight away youre back on the positive. Another approach to consider is offering them a solution to their problem that appears out of reach or too hard for them and then to follow it with an easier / more favourable alternative.

What would happen if you couldnt achieve (hot button)?

The goal of this question is to get them to focus on the negative. Follow it with:

How would it make you feel?

This now brings in their emotions and the potential pain that goes with it. It makes them think about the negative impact of failure and basically highlights the fact that if they dont act, this is where they will end up. Your response is now to agree that it sounds difficult and to offer an alternative solution.

That sounds terrible… you know what, our team is pretty supportive and our training program can get you started pretty quickly. I believe that working together we can give this fair go, what do you say? Or you can dive deeper again.

How long would it take you to save for your childrens tuition (or what ever your prospect hot buttons are) in your current situation? Normally they will respond with something like never or forever. Try getting them to put a figure on it (eg 10 years, 20 years etc.) this way you can compare it to something. Your goal here is to, again, highlight that unless they act, they will probably not reach their goals. For example, if their hot button was something to do with spending more time with family and it is going to take them 20 years in their current situation to achieve their goal, you can respond with something like: geez that does sound hard, I mean in 10 years time your kids would have grown up and by that stage it might be too late

OR in 10 years Im going to be 55, I dont know if I could wait that long.

As a general rule, if you ever receive a negative response, it is ok to challenge (question) their beliefs but you dont what to argue (try to convince). There are a number of good old clichés that work well.

I understand what youre saying, but the most important lesson I learnt in life was; to get what you have never had, you must do what you have never done. The only way you are going to achieve your dreams is if you are willing to have a go at them. Im offering you the tools and support to help get you there. Its obvious that youre passionate about your dreams and you definitely appear to have the qualities that were looking for. If youre willing to give (achieving their hot buttons) a serious go, Id love to get you started and to meet our team. So what do you say?

Please refer to our overcoming objections page for more details about how to deal with objections (coming soon)

Closing the deal – The final sales pitch

The final sales pitch should be a reinforcing statement that basically highlights that you can help this person to overcome their problems and provide the necessary support along the way. As stated above it might be something like:

Its obvious that you are passionate about your dreams and you definitely appear to have the qualities that were looking for. If youre willing to give achieving (their hot buttons) a serious go, Id love to get you started and meet our team. So what do you say?

At this point their response will either be favourable or not. Regardless it is important that you remain friendly with your prospect and never argue. Remember – professionals sort, amateurs convince.

Important Ethical and Moral Note: 
We strongly encourage that you prospect in an ethical way. If you are prospecting a person who you believe is not suited to your opportunity or does not have the skills you believe are necessary to be a part of your team, you need to inform this prospect that you dont think that this opportunity is right for them. Your job is to find the right people, not just the willing. Do not recruit distributors just for the sake of building your downline, to do so will only provide short term gain and long term pain as you struggle with retention and a breakdown in relationships. Additionally this can negatively impact on the reputation of your company as well as the network marketing industry as a whole. Your goal is to find self-motivated individuals, who you believe, will actively work towards building a network marketing business and achieve their goals.

Whilst many network marketers are faced with this moral dilemma frequently, trust us when we say to take an ethical approach. Not only does it do the right thing by your prospect, your business, your company and the industry, youd also be surprised how much more attractive your business will become once your prospects are aware that you only recruit the best.

Good Luck!

Closing the deal summary:

  • Continue to build the relationship and demonstrate you are interested in their lives by asking relevant questions.
  • The person asking the questions is the person in control of the conversation.
  • Asking the right questions can generally dictate how the prospect will respond.
  • Get your prospects to highlight the positives of what you have to offer.
  • Get your prospects to understand how your business opportunity could help to achieve their hot buttons.
  • Reinforce that your solution provides the knowledge and support to help them to overcome their problems (hot buttons).
  • Take an ethical approach to prospecting — if you do not think your prospect is capable of running a successful network marketing business, tell them in advance.


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